About the Forever Green Partnership

We work to develop crops and markets that will increase Continuous Living Cover — for healthy soils, clean water, and a more resilient and equitable agricultural economy.

Organizational structure

The Forever Green Partnership has organized two major collaborative projects that engage public, private, and advocacy sectors to add value to the extensive research and development and commercialization work being done on Continuous Living Cover crops.

Equity and inclusion

The Forever Green Partnership is strongly committed to enhancing all aspects of sustainability, including equity and inclusion.

We seek to advance Continuous Living Cover in a way that distributes economic and environmental benefits fairly and provides opportunities to all farmers.

We support collaborative projects that engage public, private, and advocacy sectors with farmers and rural communities in shared efforts to commercialize new forms of Continuous Living Cover with equity and inclusion, while also working to address related challenges such as land access and economic risks assumed by farmers.


West Central Initiative
Savanna Institute
The Land Institute

Naima's Farm

Solving For Pattern

Green Lands Blue Waters
AURI: Agricultural Utilization Research Institute
Plant Pathways, Inc.
Terraluna Collaborative
Minnesota Environmental Partnership

Thank you State of Minnesota!

The Forever Green Partnership's collaborative projects are supported by funds provided by the State of Minnesota and in-kind contributions from our partners in the public, private, and advocacy sectors.

Join us!

The Forever Green Partnership welcomes collaboration! Please contact Don Wyse (wysex001@umn.edu) or Nick Jordan (jorda020@umn.edu).